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Corrugated Polypropylene


The Plywood Alternative


Why Should I Consider Using This For Storm Protection?

  • It's Been Labratory Tested.
  • Florida Building Code Approved.
  • Has Passed Large Missile Impact Tests.
  • It Weighs 75% Less Than Plywood.
  • Allows 70% of Natural Sunlight Through.
  • Installation Takes Only Minutes.
  • Sheds Rain.
  • No Need To Worry About Termites.
  • Rot Resitant.
  • Best Of All, It's A Truly Affordable Solution.


Corrugated Polypropylene was introduced as a Storm Protection product approximately two years ago. Since then it has gained wide acceptance as a truly effective hurricane protection product and the best part is that it's an affordable solution.


Don't Wait Till It's Too Late, Prepare Now



Typical Installation On A Recessed Window.


The window on the left shows what the window would look like without the panels installed. As you can see from this picture there are no unsightly holes or bolts on the exterior surface of the window. The Hurricane Clamp Receiver comes with a cap that is inserted when not in use and covers the hole making it less visible.


The Window on the right shows what the installed panel looks like. It takes approximately two minutes to install this window.


Hurricane Clamps can be used with all sheet good applications like plywwod, polycarbonate and polypropylene.


Click here for more information on Hurricane Clamps.









Another typical installation using

Hurricane Clamps



Same window as on left except viewed

from inside the house.





Surface Mount Installation


The pictures below demonstrate a typical surface mount installation using h-header and f-Track aluminum extrusions.







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